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Join us in our mission to RECYLCE, REUSE, & REINVENT! Look around, learn about what we do and who we are. Who is MySecondHandStore?

MySecondhandStore was born from an over-full basement and frustrated family! No.... but really!

It all began with selling friends' stuff out of our home for about a year and were amazed by how fast the word was spreading. Before long, everyone and their neighbor were dropping their stuff off to sell. Clients were amazed at how much money they could make for doing none of the work!

Customer's loved the idea of being able to pick up a variety of items from one place. It was so convenient! Customers were happy, Clients were happy...the only problem found was space & safety! So after a few months and a lot of discussion, we found a few family members who truly believed in the idea. We all pooled together our thoughts, ideas, money, and knowledge. Soon enough, we were able to acquire a great warehouse space - And so, MySecondhandStore was born!

We quicly found out that the designer items needed a more unique space. Just like any business we evolved to fill this need thus, the Boutique was launched!