Consign With Us

Consign With Us

How does work?

  • Help us by getting rid of your unwanted items, we will RECYCLE, REUSE, or REINVENT and you get paid for it!
  • It's easy! Simply call us to schedule a drop-off or pick-up(fee applies).
  • Once we have sorted through your items and logged them to your account, they are ready to be displayed out in our store, or for any of the high end brand name fashion items they may be listed on our Boutique.
  • Your consignment items are on our site or floor for 90-days with a diligent sales team working hard behind the scenes to get you top dollar. We also use social media to promote your items!
  • Some items will sell in moments, other items go on the 90th day, it's always different so if you have any questions about your goods, just call!
  • Once we sell your items, we pay you (or provide store credit if selected) for the contractual amount. You can pick up your cheque at the MySecondhandStore location within 14-days, or spend your earnings with in-store credit!
  • Any items not sold within the 90-day contractual period will be donated.
  • In order to consign with us you must be over the age of 18 with valid government issued ID.

Consignment Policy

  • Standard 60/40 split where consignor cash value.
  • In-store 50/50 split where the consignor can earn a little extra value but all earnings are for in-store use only.
  • Final consignment type is a charitable option. still a 60/40 split but the consignors 40% cut will go to a charity of their choice and will receive a tax benifit in their name.

So How Long Will it Take to Sort Your Drop-Off?

  • Depending on how much you bring in at a time, and how many people have dropped off items before you, each delivery can take between 5-minutes and 1-hour.
  • You don't have to wait for us to evaluate your items either. If you’d prefer, just drop them off for your appointment and leave, We will sort and organised what we will be keeping, price and input under our specific account, display in store, whatever it takes to sell your goods!

We reserve the right to decline items as well as recycle non-salable items. donates all unsold items to charity.

What Item Does MSHS Accept?

  • accepts name-brand, excellent condition, current trend items, as well furniture, and Home Decor.
  • Some local best sellers are: Couch Sets, Bedroom furniture i.e dressers and bed frames, designer bags, etc.
  • *We cannot accept any children's furniture or safety equipment – i.e. carseats, cribs, change tables, etc.

*Requests are only guaranteed if confirmed by and amount is discussed to be delievered – please ensure you receive a confirmation Phone call. NO WALK-INS CAN BE ACCEPTED*